Recycling is easy and makes a ton of difference.

Frederick County Residents are encouraged to reduce their trash generation, recycle, reuse, compost yard waste and buy products made of recycled-content material whenever possible. The county offers a voluntary recycling program with a total of eleven drop off stations located throughout the county.  See the Citizens' Sites page for locations and hours.

Accepted for Recycling:

Please Note!

  • All materials should be loose when placed into collection containers.
  • Never include plastic bags of any type. Reuse them, recycle them at your favorite retailer or opt for reusable totes whenever possible.
  • Follow signage at drop-offs.
  • Put clean, loose bottles, cans, jugs, papers, into collection cans.
  • Remove and discard caps.

Current Topics

Now more than ever, it is important to RECYCLE RIGHT. Find out more about how contamination or trash mixed with your recyclables threatens our program. We're sharing both a local and national news story below about the state of recycling in Frederick County and the U.S.:

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China bans America's recyclables

Good news! In the face of increased recycling challenges, Virginia’s diversion rate climbed during 2019 to 46 percent.