County Facing Changes in Recycling Programs

Post Date:06/20/2019 2:43 PM

County Facing Changes in Recycling Programs

WINCHESTER, VA, June 19, 2019: Late in the day on June 13, 2019, Frederick County received written notice from our vendor that it was invoking the 60-day notice, per their current contract, and will be terminating our existing contractual arrangement for recycling services. While we continue discussions with our vendor in the hope of reaching some form of agreement, the County is exploring all other options.

“We really hope to continue our current programs through at least the end of the calendar year but with the uncertainty in the recycling industry as a whole, we are not completely surprised,” Gloria Puffinburger, Solid Waste Manager, noted. “Researching options for recycling and other waste issues is a constant in my office. We have a number of ideas being explored and there is outreach being done to try to find both a short-term, mid-term, and long-term solution.”

Staff is exploring a variety of options to include exploring regional approaches as well as the feasibility of various options to provide service to Frederick County and other localities.

County Public Information Officer Karen Vacchio notes, “this is an unfortunate situation that is not just a local problem but a national and international issue. The market for recyclables is becoming more and more restricted and as that happens, the options for disposing of the materials are changing rapidly.”

If people have questions or concerns they should contact Karen Vacchio at 540-722-8307 or Frederick County encourages people to watch for additional information as we move through this process. As information becomes available, it will be posted to the County website at and follow us on various social media platforms. People may also visit to learn about recycling programs that will not be impacted by this change.



Recycling is easy and makes a ton of difference.

Frederick County Residents are encouraged to reduce their trash generation, recycle, reuse, compost yard waste and buy products made of recycled-content material whenever possible. The county offers a voluntary recycling program with a total of eleven drop off stations located throughout the county.  See the Citizens' Sites page for locations and hours.

Accepted for Recycling:

All materials should be loose when placed into collection containers with the exception of plastic bags and clean shrink wrap which should be condensed into a single bag. Please remove and recycle all bags and boxes used for transport.

Now more than ever, it is important to RECYCLE RIGHT. Find out more about how contamination or trash mixed with your recyclables threatens our program. We're sharing both a local and national news story below about the state of recycling in Frederick County and the U.S.:

Global markets impact local recycling efforts

China bans America's recyclables

Please note: Follow signage at drop-offs; put clean, loose bottles, cans, jugs, papers, into collection cans; remove and discard caps; and condense all plastic bags.