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Public Works staff are responsible for design reviews related to site plans, master development plans, rezonings, subdivision plans and structural designs.  Frederick County's engineers also review and inspect stormwater management plans and manage county capital improvement projects.

Additionally, our erosion and sediment control inspectors perform final grading inspections on all residential dwellings before Final Certificates of Occupancy are issued by the building department. For more information, refer to the  Final Grading Inspection guidelines.

Erosion and Sediment Control

The department enforces state erosion and sediment control regulations as well as the local erosion and sediment control ordinance.

Commercial Land Disturbance

For commercial/industrial land disturbance permits, submit the completed application form along with two complete sets of plans, the appropriate checklists and erosion and sediment control measures guarantee estimate form. Note that payment will not be accepted at the time of submittal for subdivision and commercial/industrial land disturbance permits. You will be advised of the permit fee when you are notified that the permit is ready to be issued.

Residential Land Disturbance

For residential land disturbance permits, payment must be submitted with a completed Agreement In Lieu Of form and a site grading plan, if applicable.

Due to copy costs, the department does not provide copies of state erosion and sediment control regulations or the local ordinance. Please download documents and complete. Most forms are fillable. (An updated version of Adobe Reader may be required.)