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Frederick County re-installs missing or vandalized street name signs throughout the county.

To report a missing or damaged street name sign, call 540-665-5651. Please provide the following information:

  1. Street sign names (i.e., intersection of Northwestern Pike and Back Mountain Road);
  2. Whether the signs are missing, but the pole is onsite or the whole unit (i.e., signs and pole) is gone;
  3. If the signs themselves are still onsite as well as the pole;
  4. A contact name and telephone number where you may be reached.

Once the street name sign has been repaired or replaced, please contact our office at the number listed above to let us know that the issue has been resolved.

You can also report a missing or damaged street sign through the County's At Your Service feature.

Report Damaged/Missing Street Sign

Who Is Responsible?

In new subdivisions (including rural subdivisions), the developer of the property or person(s) who request subdivisions which, in turn, create the need for street names is ultimately responsible for the initial installation of the street name signs.

Street Name Sign Requirements

All developers must meet the county street name specifications (which have been developed in accordance with the Virginia Department of Transportation's standards) in order for the county to assume responsibility of the signs in the event of theft or vandalism.

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