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Fire and Rescue Study

The Frederick County Fire Rescue Department is largely motivated to  evaluate the current response model and the desire to develop a long range, risk-based, data driven staffing and deployment plan based upon the specific and unique profile of Frederick County. Comprehensive data based quantitative and geospatial analyses were utilized to objectively evaluate
the historical county demand for services by type and severity.

This comprehensive report consists of an executive summary report, a standards of response coverage and community risk assessment report, a comprehensive data report, and a detailed GIS report. The Department leadership staff has reviewed and approved the data and GIS reports as part of an iterative process. Therefore, all alternatives and recommendations are grounded in the data analysis and best practices insulating the process from potential biases.

Executive Summary

Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Coverage Study

Data Analysis

GIS Analysis


Who We Are...

The Fire and Rescue Department consists of 11 volunteer fire and rescue companies operated by volunteer personnel who are supported by 101 uniform career staff and 8 office staff. The agency coordinates with our volunteer companies to deliver firefighting and emergency medical services within Frederick County.

Our Mission

The Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department is dedicated to providing quality and cost effective services that protect our citizens, their property, and our environment from the effects of fire, medical emergencies, technological hazards, and man-made or natural disasters which pose a threat to our community.

The volunteer and career members of our Department shall uphold high personal and professional standards and always act with a sense of cooperation, respect and compassion for every member of the public and each member of the organization.

Above all else, our department shall hold as sacred the obligation to be responsible custodians of the public trust and in every circumstance shall always act in the public's best interest.

Core Values