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The Finance Department works to return unclaimed property to the rightful owners. A check that has not been cashed after a specified period of time is considered unclaimed property.

  • What is the State Corporation Commission?

    The State Corporation Commission (SCC) is an independent state agency established by the Constitution of Virginia which has regulatory authority over many businesses in Virginia. Its authority includes serving as the state's central filing office for corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies in Virginia. Certain types of business entities are required to register with the SCC and make annual filings. For more information, go to
  • How do I check to see if any unclaimed property belongs to me?

    To see if the State of Virginia is holding your forgotten funds go to the following link for unclaimed property search:

  • How often is the county required to report and remit unclaimed property?

    State law requires the County holding unclaimed property to remit money with a report to the State of Virginia annually on November 1st. The report consists of monies unclaimed at June 30 immediately preceding that report year. VA Code Section 55-210-12(D).

  • What attempts are made to find the rightful owners of unclaimed property?

    The Finance Department and the Treasurer's Office exercises "due diligence" in attempting to locate the rightful owner of the property. A first-class letter is sent to the owner's last known address informing them of the dormant status of their property. If this attempt is unsuccessful, a report including the money is sent to the State of Virginia with the owners last known address.