• How are expenditures funded?

    Expenditures are funded with revenues derived from taxes, fees, user charges, reimbursed costs and state/federal allocations.

  • What is included in the county's budget?

    The general fund budget provides for the daily operations of the county government and is funded with local, state and federal revenue. Local revenue contributes to the majority of funding to general fund. Expenditures in the general fund budget include government administration, judicial administration, public safety, public works, health and welfare, parks and recreation, community development , transfers to the various school funds, and transfers to the airport and jail operating fund.

  • Does the Board of Supervisors approve expenditures for the county schools?

    The Board of Supervisors adopts a total county budget that includes funding for school operating, school capital, school debt service, school food service, and school related regional programs. The budget resolution is adopted by the Board of Supervisors by fund totals and does not allocate funding at program level. The county elected School Board is responsible for funding levels by programs and services.