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P-Card Policies

P-Card for Vendors Brochure

Accounts Payable issues payments for all County purchases to vendors who provide goods and/or services to the County of Frederick. It also provides reimbursements to employees, and refunds for over payments of recreation fees, sign deposits, etc. Accounts payable checks are issued to vendors twice a month, usually on the 16th and 30th.

Accounts Payable also serves as the Purchasing Card (P-Card) Administration Team. In order to reduce the volume of accounts payable transactions and improve procurement efficiency, the County of Frederick's preferred method of payment is the VISA purchasing card.  This improves administrative efficiency by consolidating multiple vendor payments and reducing associated costs.

Using a purchasing card for purchases improves cash flow for both Frederick County and the vendor. The Federal Government has used credit cards to purchase small dollar items since 1986. Similar programs in state, local, and commercial applications have been very successful. The resulting efficiencies include lower per purchase transaction costs, faster vendor payment, reduced accounting effort, and more accurate records.

Accounts Payable issues all 1099 forms to independent contractors, including 1099MISC and 1099S.