Commissioner of the Revenue: Seth T. Thatcher

It is very exciting for me and a great honor to have been elected your Commissioner of the Revenue for the next four years!  I have worked for this office for 12 years before being elected as Commissioner so I know firsthand what a knowledgeable and friendly staff we have.  The staff and I will work hard to be fair and equitable in all forms of taxation and to follow the Code of Virginia and Frederick County ordinances.  We will tirelessly strive to provide friendly customer service to each taxpayer as they navigate the sometimes rough waters of tax compliance.  Our mission is to help and support businesses and individuals as a resource, not to be an impediment to your success.  Please come in and engage us as you would a trusted friend; you won’t be sorry!  –Seth T. Thatcher


The Commissioner of the Revenue is the chief tax-assessing official of Frederick County and, as such, is responsible for:

  • Assessing all new construction and changes to improvements on real estate
  • Conducting the general real estate reassessment efforts
  • Administering tax relief for the elderly on real estate
  • Administering the agricultural, horticultural, or forest land use assessments
  • Assessing all personal property, including machinery and equipment, of individuals and businesses
  • Assessing all businesses sited in the County for business license
  • Administering all food and beverage, transient occupancy, and short-term rental business taxes
  • Assisting with state income taxes and state income tax estimated payments
  • Assisting with County revenue projections
  • Serving as non-voting member of Finance Committee