Ensuring the quality of life of all Frederick County citizens by preserving the past and planning for the future through sound fiscal management.

Frederick County is governed by an elected Board of Supervisors composed of seven members, one from each magisterial district - Shawnee, Opequon, Gainesboro, Stonewall, Back Creek and Red Bud, and one chairman-at-large. Supervisors are elected for four-year terms which are staggered at two-year intervals.

The Board of Supervisors is the policy-making body of the county and is officially known as the Frederick County Board of Supervisors. It is vested with all policy-making powers and responsibilities conferred by general law on county governing bodies. Functions of the Board of Supervisors include making land use decisions, establishing growth and development policies, setting operational policies, and reviewing and adopting the County's operational and capital budgets which set spending priorities.

The regularly scheduled meetings for the Board of Supervisors are the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, Board of Supervisors' Meeting Room, 107 North Kent Street, County Administration Building. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. All meetings are open to the public.

Core Values

At their December 9, 2009 meeting, the Board of Supervisors adopted the following core values.

  • A government that is accountable and dedicated to providing responsible stewardship for county funds and to insure the citizens receive the best services possible for the funds expended.
  • A government concerned with long range planning that protects our rural heritage and directs its future growth through planned infrastructure.
  • A government concerned with expanding commercial and industrial tax base in order to insure a viable and thriving economy.
  • A government that looks to the future and implements plans to insure that the quality of life for future generations is preserved.
  • A government that emphasizes a quality education through a cooperative effort with the school board.
  • A government that recognizes the importance of maintaining a highly trained public safety program to provide efficient services and protection to county citizens.
  • A government that promotes the spirit of cooperation with its regional local government partners and, in particular, the City of Winchester.
  • A government unit based on honesty, trust, integrity, and respect that understands the importance of clear communication and a willingness to listen.