Adoption Fees

Spay/neuter Deposit
$30 $70

The spay/neuter deposit is in addition to the spayed/neutered fee and is paid to the veterinarian upon proof of spaying or neutering.  Animals that are already neutered or spayed do not require a deposit.

Adoption Policy

Many adoptable dogs and cats are waiting for new homes at the shelter. Requirements for adoption are:

  1. Potential adopters must live in Frederick County, Virginia, or adjoining localities in Virginia.
  2. Adopters must sign a contract agreeing to spay or neuter the animal. It's the law and all animals adopted from the shelter must be spayed or neutered.
  3. If you own your home, proof of homeownership will be required as part of the pre-qualification process.
  4. If you rent, permission from your landlord will be required (the type of permission shall be determined during the adoption process).
  5. Other restrictions may apply when adopting certain animals from the shelter.