Darrel Taylor, Mark Ransom, Father Dobbins, Kent Woodward
The Frederick-Winchester Fire & Rescue Chaplaincy Program offers encouragement and support to those who are facing a loss subsequent to a fire, accident or health incident. The Chaplains assist visitors and citizens of Frederick County and Winchester City in addition to the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve and protect our community. Further, the Chaplaincy Program serves the community by meeting spiritual and emotional needs in times of crisis.

The Frederick-Winchester Fire & Rescue Chaplaincy Program provides comfort and counsel as well as referrals to appropriate community agencies within Frederick County and Winchester City. The Chaplains provide assistance in contacting family members and/or church pastors as needed. The Chaplains act as liaisons between the visitors and citizens of Frederick-Winchester and Fire & Rescue Personnel. The Chaplains do not replace the home church pastor. Communications between one and the Chaplain are considered confidential. Any volunteer or Career Personnel may choose to utilize the services of a Chaplain at any time. Any Fire Department Officer or Member who is made aware of any situation which may need Chaplain services can contact the Senior Chaplain.

Our Frederick-Winchester Fire & Rescue Chaplains are:
  • Ordained
  • Skilled in Pastoral Care
  • Prepared to serve in a Crisis Zone
  • Able to demonstrate a commitment to the Fire Service
  • Committed to learning the skills necessary to effectively relate to and minister to Firefighters and EMS personnel
Frederick-Winchester Fire & Rescue Chaplains (click for more information):
  • Mark Ransom, Senior Chaplain
  • Darrel Taylor, Chaplain
  • Kent Woodward, Chaplain
  • Reverend Victor Gomez
  • Timothy DeLaughter
  • Father Brendan Bartlett
  • Father Michael Dobbins